GSS-AX240 8

gss-ax240 8

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AMPUL / LAMP SOCKET Ø A (mm) B (mm) H (mm) NET KG
1x13 / 1x18 / 1x26 W CT G24d 235 - 160 1,2
2x13 / 2x18 / 2x26 W CT 1,6

A : En H : Yükseklik

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BODY : DKP & Elektrostatik Boyalı Body and Frame
GLASS/ DIFFUSER : Circular Sanblasted Glass
REFLECTOR : Special Coated Aluminium Reflector For Maximum Reflection and Efficiency
ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS : Magnetic / Electronic / Dimmable Ballast and Additional Applicable Emergency Kit (Emergency Kit)
OTHER SPECIFICATION : Gövdeye Entegre Balast ve Konnektörler ile Easy assembling
Easy connection With Developed Independent ABS Gear Box and Electrical Equipment Sockets.
Easy Removable Frame for Painting of Ceilings Without Removal.
APPLICATION AREAS : nteriors, Plaster Ceiling Applications, Conference Halls, Shopping Malls, Hallways, Offices, Shopping Windows.